Tom Bihn Synapse 25 – I love this backpack. I travel everywhere with it #onebag. It is 25 liters and has pockets and compartments to divid everything I need. Very sturdy and I’ve been using it for almost 5 years without any visible damage. I highly recommend it. There is almost a 19 liters version of it as well.

Apple Macbook 12″ – I dig the smallness of the newer Macbooks. I don’t use that much CPU nor RAM intensity work. I do some programming and photoshopping but this thing works great. I do have to occasionally restart it to get back all of clogged up RAM.

iPhone SE – I like the original size of the iPhone and don’t care for the latest iPhones with fancy cameras and whatnot. I like to keep it minimal even in the apps I install so I don’t clog up all the disk space. I had the 16GB for a long time before upgraded to a 64GB for more photos and music.

Rocketbook – I journal daily in this notebook along with gratitude entries. There are 36 pages in total. When I’m at the end, I scan them with the Rocketbook app and upload it to a cloud storage. I love it. I just use it for journal and haven’t used it for taking notes. It would be easy to divide up the cloud storage based on what you tick on the bottom of each page. It comes with an erasable pen which you can buy refillable cartridges.

Shure SE535 – I use these earbuds when I’m working on my laptop. It has great sound-proof ability and fits perfectly in my ears. I also use these if I’m on a long flight. It comes with a good hard case for storage.

Apple Airpods – I use these for when I’m taking calls on my iPhone or having a meeting on my laptop. The syncing between iPhone and Macbook is seamless. I dig it. Although I don’t like to use Bluetooth devices near my brain, I use it sparingly for when it’s convenient.

Oura Ring – I got this ring based on Kevin Rose’s recommendation. This is the improved second version. I didn’t like the idea of wearing a smart watch so I got this instead. It’s been great using it to track the quality of my sleep in relation to my energy level. It barely needs any charging, about once a week. It also reminds you to get up once in a while if you haven’t moved in a while.

Nau M3 Hoodie – The hoodie is 100% wool and it’s black. It’s very warm and has a side breast pocket with a zipper. I love this hoodie and wear it everyday during the winter time. Nau had stopped selling this hoodie now on their website but you might be able to find it somewhere else online.

MontBell Plasma 1000 Jacket – When the whether gets colder, this down jacket is a life saver. I wear it underneath my hoodie if it gets too cold. It weighs nothing and can be folded into a small sack. You can even use the sack as a small pillow.

Outdoor Research Helium II Jacket – I hardly use this rain jacket but when it’s pouring outside, I’m always glad I have it with me. You can fold it into a small pouch within itself. A few rare instances I have used it as a wind breaker to block some freeze wind. Downside for this jacket is there is no pockets. I got the blue version and it looks great.

Wool & Prince Dress Shirt – I love my dress shirt. I wear regularly whether a normal day out or some fancy occasion. It’s 100% wool and fits me perfect. Be sure to get it tailored to get the perfect fit. It’s very durable and dries fast after you hand wash it. I have the salmon colored shirt which they stopped selling now.

Icebreaker T-shirt – These are also 100% wool. I have two pairs of them. Wool shirts are great because they can last for a few days before you need to wash them, they keep you warm in cool weather and cool in warm weather, and they dry faster than other shirts with other materials. I might switch them for Wool & Prince T-shirts once these give out though.

Mission Belt – This belt is cool in that it doesn’t any hole. The belts with holes can get torn or damaged over time. This belt doesn’t have any issue. It’s very durable and looks great. The company was on Shark Tank before. I have yet to met a girl who knows how to take it off 😉

ExOfficio Boxer Briefs – I have two pairs of these that I wash and alternate daily. I use shampoo to wash them in the sink in the morning after shower when I travel. They are dry by next morning. These are my second set of pairs. The first set gave out after 4 years or so as the elastic bands stretched too far albeit I still wore them for a year after that happened.

Outlier Slim Dungarees – These pants look great and last forever. Seriously, I fell several times and thought I must’ve scraped them somewhere but there were no damages on them. They look like jeans or slacks. They’re slim fitted as well.

Thunderbolt Sportswear Mark II – When I wear these jeans I feel like I’m wearing yoga pants. The material is stretchy and I could practice yoga in them or rock climb too. They look great. It’s not slim fit like the Slim Dungarees. The downside is because of the material, there could be occasional thread or two pop up because it got caught somewhere.

Icebreaker Shorts – I wear these when I go workout or practice yoga and sometimes for taking a dip too. They are 100% wool as well so they dry relatively fast by hang-drying. The downside is they don’t have any side pockets only an inner pocket that can hold some cash and a card.

Icebreaker socks – I have two pairs of wool socks from Icebreaker. One is goes to my ankle and the other goes to my calves. They are durable but I don’t wear them much because I like to wear my EarthRunners sandals. I find it takes longer to dry the socks than the shirts for some reason.

EarthRunners Alpha Sandals – This is my third pair of EarthRunners. The first one I got was the Circadian one. The strap broke after two years of wearing them almost daily. The second pair was the same one but they had improved the strap. One of the sandal’s strap became the dinner of my girl’s dog so I threw them away. Now I’m trying the Alpha version with thicker sole because of my right knee. I love these sandals. I see people looking at my feet all the time and few people even asked me about them.

Prada America’s Cup Sneakers – I don’t wear them as often as my sandals but these sneakers are almost like dress shoes. They look great for any occasion and are very stylish. They match all of my outfits as they’re black with some nice trims. The downside is they’re expensive and heavy.

Carbon Fiber Money Clip – I don’t carry much besides two credit cards and a debit card. I don’t even have cash if I’m not traveling internationally. The money clip is great way for me to keep it minimal. It’s rather light. In less strict airports, you don’t even need to take them out.

Uber Visa Card – Bet you didn’t know Uber has a credit card. They partnered up with Barclay for it. It’s actually very good. 4x on dining, 3x on travels, 2x on online purchases and 1x on everything else. Plus it has no foreign transaction fee and if you hit $5,000 spend per year you receive $50 subscription credit, Amazon Prime included. You just redeem the rewards as a cash back.

Schwab Checking Debit Card – It’s totally worth it to open this checking account with Schwab. You essentially get to withdraw money from any ATM in the world without any fee as they rebate the fee back to your account at the end of every month. You have to open a brokerage account with them first in order to open this checking account. Sometimes they have incentive for you to open the account like $100.