The Surrender Experiment – The book that change my whole perspective about life about what it seems to live it. I’ve learned to surrender to the flow of life as I listened to Micky narrates his own incredible journey in his life as he learned to let go and let life take charge instead his personal mind. I had the pleasure of meeting him personally when I visited the Temple of the Universe. It was a real treat to see and experience what had happened in the book.

The Untethered Soul – Micky’s teachings about learning how to let go. It was more like a guide on how to let go and what it could do to your life. The Surrender Experiment was his experience of practice the guiding principles in The Untethered Soul. It contains great metaphors and easy to understand teachings.

Autobiography of a Yogi – Yogananda wrote this book as a tribute to his master, Sri Yukteswar and his master’s master’s master, Babaji. He would be the destined yogi to come to the west and spread the teachings of life. It is very deep. Some of the stories are just too unbelievable for the mind to comprehend. Take a few read of the book in different times of your life as you walk on your spiritual path. Each reading will have a profoundly different meaning to you. When I started this book, I couldn’t get into it at all by writing nor listening. It would be another 2 years before I picked it up again. But this time it was different…

Tao Te Ching – Another one of those books you have to read multiple times. The first I read it, I only understood a bit of the surface level meanings. Every time I reread it, I get something totally different out of it. Another deep book for the ages. It’s broken down to a number of parables with a lesson in each.

The Empty Boat – If you were on a lake and your boat collided with another boat, would you yell at a boat with no one in it? Would it be different if someone was in it? Empty your own boat and no one would mind. Deep teachings along with numerous stories.

The Four Agreements – Miguel lays out what you can do to live a better life. The four agreements are: be impeccable with your words, don’t take anything personally, don’t make any assumption, always do your best. Each agreement has deep teachings about what each means and they make sense. You might not be able to apply them every moment of your life but that’s where the last agreement comes in. Doing your best changes from moment to moment too.

The Fifth Agreement – Miguel is joined by his son Jose to bring this sequel out. The fifth agreement is be skeptical but learn to listen. It might seem contradictory but the book goes in depth explain what it means and how it relates to the previous four agreements. Everyone just wants to be heard and sometimes misunderstanding gets in the way of that hearing.

Leonardo da Vinci – A man ahead of his time by a few centuries. His dedication to his work is unparalleled. A true renaissance man. It was his ability to be super observant and curious about the world that stood out to me. He would capture his findings about the world onto his several thousand pages of writings and a few magnificent paintings. In the later part of the book, you learn that Leonardo da Vinci worked along side of Niccolo Machiavelli and Cesare Borgia. One biography you definitely want to read.

Benjamin Franklin – Another man who was curious about the world. He learned to take life as his teacher and created several principles for him and others to follow. He didn’t care to be rich or be famous albeit he didn’t mind it. Retired at age 42, he sought out more important things to work on then making more money. His journey in life helped and guided the creation of America. Andrew Carnegie and Charlie Munger both looked up to him.

Einstein – I didn’t know much about Einstein before reading this biography. All I knew was he worked at a patent office and came up with the math equation E=mc^2. This biography gave good account of what he was like. He would chase skirts between his thinkings. I felt like it was a way for him to get away from the constant drudgery of science. Another thing that stood out to me was his ability to stay focused even with constant noise in the background like his baby crying. Funny thing that someone tried to preserve his brain after his death to study it.

Is Your Genius At Work – I read it while I was on the train traveling in Europe. A very easy day read along with examples of other people’s genius at work. It made me ponder on what my purpose is. I pondered for a while to come up with the two words that encapsulates my purpose. Seeking Harmony. Hence I came up with this blog.

Sapiens – Yuval did an awesome job describing how our specie became the top of the food chain. The stories we tell ourselves and to others created the environment we have today. An organization becomes a living entity because of the story it tells and the people who joins it becomes a part of that. This books talks about it all from our culture to the creation of money. I’d highly recommend give it a read.

Why We Sleep – A book I read after I got my Oura Ring. It’s rather fascinating the reason why we sleep and how we can’t do without it like breathing. There are different kinds of cycles during sleep (REM and NREM) and we need both. All animals sleep and have cycles like we do but each have slight variations on timing. Our brain is remarkably similar to a computer. Sleep is a way for our brain to transfer some of the RAMs to HDD for long term storage.

Deep Simplicity – There is a hidden simplicity behind it all above the complex world we live in. This book explores various subjects including Darwinism of why leopards have the spots they do to the three body problem of the gravitational pulls between planets. A seemingly tiny number in a self similar equation almost like a recursion becomes so large after only a few loops. It’s akin to the butterfly effect or flying an airplane with less than 1% change in direction. It’s a very interesting book for the curious mind.

The Global Brain Awakens – Another interesting take on the interconnectedness of everything. Planet Earth is a living entity just like us. It has a different time scale different from ours. What if a day and a night is like inhale and exhale to us for Earth or a full season on Earth is like a day to us. Human beings have evolved so much through the evolution of our mind and our full consciousness now we are basically the guardians of Earth. We’ve essentially became the brain of Earth through the networks we have built like the Internet. We have the collective consciousness to serve a greater good.

Lynchpin – Are you so good at your job that you’d be indispensable to the company you’re working for? If not, this books argues you should try to get there. Do whatever you can to serve your company and eventually you will be in a position where the company would take huge hit if they lose you. That’s when you have the leverage to negotiate what you want.

Purple Cow – If you saw a purple cow on the road, you’d definitely pull over and take a selfie with it. In today’s world of the same, you’d want to stand out. One example I liked from the book was an online sock company that would only sell one sock so you’d have to mix and match them. They stood out while others stayed the same. The book has some great examples on cool marketing strategies.

The Dip – Another book by Seth Godin. This one talks about at every point in one’s career or business there comes a point called ‘the dip’. This is the point where you really have to do some deep thinking into whether it’s better to quit or keep at it. It goes into details on some of the signs you should watch out for and guides you through some scenarios.

Traction – The founder of DuckDuckGo wrote this book as a marketing guide for businesses. The book broke down every strategy one could market their business whether through online or offline. There are 19 different channels one could utilize and it’s about testing and finding the ones that work for your particular niche. Pick three to start with and see if you gain any traction. Disregard the ones don’t work and improve upon the ones that do.

48 Laws of Power – Robert Greene did his research as he wrote in details about what it means to attain and keep power. Some of the laws are taken from lessons from The Prince by Niccolo Machiavelli. If you want to learn to have more power over the world and your surrounding or just want to protect yourself from others exerting power over you, you might want to give it a read.

50th Law – This is a collaboration between rapper 50 Cent and Robert Greene. The book goes into details about how 50 Cent rose top of the rap game by applying some of the laws in the previous book. It’s a fascinating easy read especially if you are a fan of 50 Cent.

From Pieces to Weight – It’s an autobiography of 50 Cent. He gave his raw unedited story of his life. There are definitely lessons you could take away from marketing to business. He doesn’t hold back any punches. From a drug dealer to a rapper, he never stopped hustling at all times.

Influence – Cialdini is a psychology professor who was deep into the research of what it means to assert influence on one another. He came up with six key principles: reciprocity, commitment and consistency, social proof, authority, liking, scarcity. In each principle, he gave studies and experiments that are fascinating to read. Once you read this, you will start to see the influences others have on your mind. It’s a great read. One of the highly recommended books by Charlie Munger.