I got idea for this blog’s name from the book Is Your Genius at Work. As I traveled through Europe doing my digital nomad thing, I contemplated on what am I good at, what is my purpose in life and reason for existence after I had finished the book. After shedding some superficial onion layers, I finally came up with the words “seeking harmony“. It just felt right.

But I have no idea on how to express that genius. It would take me another few months to actually discover my true self and take the leap to start this blog. I believe my voice has been strengthened from my years of journaling everyday. Now I have the perfect platform to express out the true essence of life and my authentic voice to do it with. I’m excited!

There is something about harmony that seems just right. It’s indescribable by words. It’s an experience, a feeling. A deep sense of peace that everything is perfect as it is. A deep trust to the life’s incomprehensible flow. I think this is why I’m attracted to minimalism and live a minimalistic lifestyle.

Since seekingharmony.com was taken and I had to settle for seekingharmoni.com which I’ve come to enjoy. I had imagined the logo for seeking harmoni would have the dot on top of the ‘i‘ in harmoni to be a yin and yang symbol. And just maybe the dot on top of the ‘i‘ in seeking would be an atom. I dreamt that.

The idea behind this blog is maybe life is perfect as it is. Creation has happened from 13.8 billion years ago. Every moment had to have happened exactly the way it did in order for this moment each one of us is experiencing to happen. How can you not honor each moment that comes you way?

Maybe instead of listening to your personal mind on how it would like things to be, you take look at what is life asking of you to do. Serve the moment. Enjoy the moment. Merge with life.

Once you do, you would notice that life is like a gentle breeze. Then maybe you start to seek where that gentle breeze comes from. Now we are talking.

I’m on my journey in life to seek the harmony behind everything. The oneness behind all the illusions. The Source of Creation. Enjoy 🙂