life as your guru

No one can be your guru except Life itself.

Your parents can’t be your guru. Spiritual teachers can’t be your guru. Tony Robbins can’t be your guru.

Everyone has their own unique path to trek and explore. You have your own journey that no one can give you directions for. Life is your northern star in the vast space as you travel through your life.

Some people feel they have the wisdom they can share with others but the deepest wisdoms are limitless and cannot be uttered with words. Life shows you the way through direct experiences. You, the soul, the witness consciousness.

These experiences are so unique to you, no one has ever experienced them before nor will anyone else experience them in the future.

Who else had the exact experiences you had witnessed before in the exact sequence? There are almost an infinite number of moments happening in the Universe at any given moment. You just happen to experience this particular moment shown to you by Life. How amazing is that?

I had recently watched a documentary Three Identical Strangers. The movie showed a story about three identical triplets who were separated at birth but by Life’s hand reunited when they started college.

They were so similar in their physical appearances, demeanors and personalities that you’d think they were clones. Despite all the identicalness of their outer forms, they could not be any more different in their formless inner worlds. The initial high slowly faded away as they discovered just how little they knew about each other as if they were just strangers living together who looked the same.

The triplets experienced different childhoods as they grew up. They each had unique experiences which shaped who they had become in adulthood. How can they explain to each other every experience they ever had up to the point they met?

When you think about it, just how much do people really know you? Even some of the closest people whom you spend most of your time with. Do they truly know you? Have they experienced the same moments you have?

There are thousands of books on self-improvement. It’s one of the most popular genre behind romance. The authors of those books give advices to the masses like medicines that can cure any disease.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t read or take advices from others. By all means, learn the teachings from others. Some might be good while some might be useless. I’m just noting the fact what might work for one person with his or her unique experiences might not work for you. Your own experience is the best teacher in the end.

Everything has its own nature and vibration. A dolphin doesn’t feel the same as a tiger. A rose doesn’t feel the same as a tree. One person doesn’t feel the same as another person. Each come into our senses and stimulate us differently.

You have a nature. You’re born for a reason in a sense. If your parents didn’t conceive you at that particular moment or they didn’t meet for some reason or their own parents didn’t meet, you wouldn’t be here right now reading this.

Your nature has the physical form of a human being. At the same time, you have all those moments you have accumulated as experiences from Life that shaped you into who are you right now. If any one of those moments appeared to you differently, you wouldn’t be the being you are right now.

You could say Life made everything happen. So wouldn’t you trust Her more to show you the way?

All of our fears, worries and anxiety about the future stem from the fact that we do not trust Life. Your mind plays a trick on you because it thinks it can take control of life. Newsflash. The moment you’re experiencing in front of you has nothing to do with you.

This moment is the accumulation of ALL of the past moments chained together to make this moment possible. You’re experiencing a tiny part of the collective moments as a whole. These moments have been here before you were born and they will continue to happen when you die.

It’s nothing personal but your mind makes it personal for you. And you start to believe it as you become identified with your mind.

Once you let that go and trust Life, you will start to see the harmonies of life played out in front of you. Some events will be so unbelievable that you might take them as miracles.

If it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be. It’s amazing to be there witnessing everything that happens when you harmonize with Life.

Another trick your mind plays on you is being impatient. You want it now. “Why do I have to wait?” or “I wish it was the future already so I don’t have to wait through all of this.” Your mind would say. Believe me. I would know. My mind still blabs about this too sometimes.

Patience is a virtue.

We have much to learn from Nature and particularly the trees. They are always there long before we were born and will be there long after us. It doesn’t matter whether there is sun light, rain, snow, wind and all the other elements of life, they always will be there providing shades and shelters for any being. The trees show love to everything regardless of their nature. Their patience is magnanimous.

The only way out of impatience is through awareness. Become aware of your mind’s personal preference and let it go. Let Life unfolds the way to you as it should. Trust Her completely and let go. She is teaching you lessons about life itself if you choose to listen.

How you learn from Her is by reflection. You might not be able to take in the lessons right then but by using your mind to recall the experiences from your life, you are able to discern some of the lessons from Life.

These are the true teachings tailored to your own unique being. No one can understand you better than Life. Let Life be your only guru.


Take a few experiences from your past as a starting point for your reflection. How have those experiences changed you into who you are right now? Take a few moments to appreciate how Life had to unfold exactly it did for those moments to happen.

Even with what you thought were the ‘bad’ moments you had experienced, what became of them as more moments kept unfolding as the chain kept linking?

A great habit to get into is write a journal entry everyday. It’s a good way to reflect and recall back the moments that Life had unfolded in front of you daily.


dream to wake up

I had a vivid dream last night.

There was nothing unusual about the dream as most of my dreams were rather unrealistic in the ‘real’ world. There was something about this dream that made me ponder more on the concept of living in the physical world.

My dream had a Hollywood scripted drama written all over it. There was the main character with the hot girl and his best friend in one party. The other party had the typical bad-guy feel construed as the enemy. It was a turf war and I was stuck in the middle.

I had lost the freshness of my dream already so I couldn’t remember most of it by now. One scene did stuck with me.

My whole body was laid on the ground faced down. I couldn’t get up or I didn’t want to. I saw a gecko in front of me coming closer. It walked quickly towards me on its hind legs like how the gecko would in the GEICO commercial.

I wanted to show my love towards it as I felt it was attracted to my energy. It crawled on my body and explored around it. It stayed with me for a while. Then it went on my right arm and I felt a shift in the energy. I detected a malicious intent.

The gecko started nibbling on the skin of my forearm like it was tasting it. Then it sunk its teeth into my skin and started taking bites of my meat. I actually felt the sensation of the pain as I woke up shaking my right arm to try to get it off of me.

What’s the difference between the dream world and the real world?

What is real? What defines real? If real is what you can feel, smell, taste and see, then ‘real’ is simply electrical signals interpreted by your brain.

Who better to quote that than Morpheus, the God of Dreams.

Who are you?


Are you your body? Are you your mind? Are you the senses you experience?

Are you there experiencing the events of your daily life? And are you there experiencing the events in your dreams? So what is the difference?

The difference is the physical form. We’ve come to trust anything we can experience through our sense organs as real. Anything else is but a dream.

Everything is made up of energy. Everything comes from the transmutation and entropy of the initial burst of energy known as the Big Bang. The Universe has been expanding ever since that point. Photons first escaped the dense clouds of plasma and light came into existence.

The light is energy.


One of the most important scientific equation has the energy equals to the mass times the square of the speed of light which is the only constant in the Universe.

From then on, other elements started bonding, creating new elements. Planets were created and slowly living beings came into existence.

Never forgot, any physical form is made up of atoms. Your body is made up of trillions of cells which are made up of molecules which are made up of atoms. An atom is made up of a proton, an electron and a nucleus. The proton and electron spins around in a circle generating energy.

So we are literally made up of energy. It’s a miracle all those atoms do exactly what’s needed for our body to survive.

We tend to forget this or don’t really care. It’s too trivial for the busyness of our lives. That or our mind just can’t grasp the immensity of what is beyond.

On one end of the spectrum we have an atom which can be further divided into subatomic particles. On the other end of the spectrum we have the whole Universe. Our planet is like an ant in our galaxy alone with billions of stars. And the Universe has billions of galaxies just like ours. Finally, there is anything in between that spectrum. It’s mind-blowing.

The attachment to our physical form is the reason I would argue our dream state more ‘real‘ than the real world. We don’t really sleep. Our body does. But the real you never sleeps. We’re ever-present. Is it the same you who is there in the dream as the you who is there in the real world?

A side question. If we are always there, what happens when our body dies?

In our dreams, we are formless. We are freed from the bondage of the physical form. Maybe that’s why we can do some crazy shit in our dreams. I always wondered, at what point do we, the formless soul, become encapsulated into a body?

One scene in Inception always intrigued me. Cobb and his team met with the chemist who took them down to the basement of his shop where they treated patients who can’t sleep. Now they rely entirely on the potion to sleep and share a dream together. When Eames asked: “They come here everyday to sleep?” The groundskeeper answered: “No, they come to be woken up. The dream has become their reality. Who are you to say otherwise.”

Become more aware of who you really are. Who sees when you see? Who hears when you hear? Who dreams when you dream? Then maybe you will dream to wake up.


Next time you have a vivid dream, try to recall your dream and ask yourself were you there?

During your daily life, take moments out of your day to remember to breathe. And maybe ponder a bit about what you see in front of you. Realize all you see in front of you are just a collections of atoms which are just energy.


your life as a tetris game

I recently started playing Tetris again.

This time on my iPhone instead of an old school Game Boy. It’s amazing Tetris is still popular as ever before since it was invented by Alexey Pajitnov in 1984.

In Tetris, there are six different shapes and sizes of blocks dropped from the top of a rectangular empty box to start. You can put the blocks in any way you want but if you put them in a way that one row contains all blocks without any empty space, you clear that row. The law of gravity would drop the blocks above onto that cleared row. Of course, you can stack and clear multiple rows together in one go.

It had dawned on me one day while I was playing Tetris how similar the game is to our lives. The objective of a Tetris game isn’t about clearing rows as much as it is about not stacking the blocks past the rectangular box on the top. It’s about staying alive to keep playing.

Imagine each block dropped from the top as an event or experience you had encountered in your life. It is up to you to either choose to let it go or cling onto that experience and hold it inside of you.

If you don’t align a block correctly, you might not be able to clear it until later. The more you stack up this way, the more likely your Tetris board will be cluttered with disorganized blocks. Soon enough, it will be game over for you.

Just like in a game of Tetris where you’re clearing blocks in order to keep playing, you need to clear the experiences you have clung onto from the past. Your stored up experiences are creating the unnecessary frictions in your life. These experiences are changing the way you interpret new experiences as they come in.

In Tetris, when you stack a block in a poorly placed spot, it creates a chain effect to the blocks after it. One block that could clear all those rows blocked by a previous poorly placed block so you have to find a new spot to place this one.

When you don’t let go of the experience that hits you at that moment, it becomes harder and harder to let it go later. It will take real work to slowly brush away that stored up experience later on.

These awkwardly placed blocks create deep layers of disorganized rows on the bottom. It becomes harder for you to clear those rows as you struggle to keep up with clearing the row you are currently on.

In a way, we want to create harmony on the board by keeping it nice and simple as we also would like to do in our own lives.

How do we do it?

In Tetris, it’s simple. By focusing your attention on the game, you will eventually hit a state of flow. You become merged with the game as you try your best to clear the rows. Remember the objective of the game and enjoy yourself. It helps that you can keep playing over and over again.

In life, it’s still simple but much harder to put into practice since we are still playing the same game since we were born. Those poorly placed blocks are still stuck deep inside of you. You have to do the necessary work to clear them.

Events in your life will unfold in a way that will trigger those experiences you have stored up. These are the perfect time to do the deep work to clear this experience. This will have a cascading effect to slowly chip away at the patterns buried deep near the bottom inside of your game board.

The work is the same as Tetris. Turn your attention inward to your true self, the consciousness, the soul, the atman. Your mind and body might be acting up in the heat of the moment, but you are the observer witnessing all of that. It’s up to you to pull back and away from the attraction of the other energies vying for your attention. Don’t get pulled by them. Remember, you are always there in the center.

Breathe, first. Step back and relax. Release away from the situation.

Remember, every moment had to have happened in the exact order for this event to have happened. Honor it. Maybe it’s a lesson from Life because of your stored up energy inside of you. Time to let it go.

There is harmony to Life. Sometimes we are taken out of harmony and things just don’t flow right. We can instinctually feel it. It’s up to us to do the work necessary to merge back into harmony ourselves.

In the end, realize it is all a game either in Tetris or in life. Enjoy both games in a holistic way.


Next time an event you experience that hits your blockage, do the work to free the blockage and release that stored up energy. Take a deep breath first. Become aware of what is going on inside of you. Step back and lean away from that energy. Relax.

Then you can act from a state of your centered being. If Life is asking you to do something, do it. If not, chill. Honor yourself that you are doing the hard work of releasing your blockages. It’s simple but not easy. The payoff is peace and liberation.